Winners from the 2011 Holiday Gift Guide!

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2011 Holiday Gift Guide Giveaways!

Below are the Names of those who won along with the Prize they will be receiving!

Please contact the Sponsors through either their Facebook Pages or the Contact Us Portion of their Websites to claim your prize!

SodaStream– Christine Nicholson

Little Looster Booster– Angel Johanek

Green Glass Co. Pop Tumbler Set– Randy Markin

AllyKats Assortment– Kasandra Brithby

Choice of  Zappi by VioLight – Amanda Alvarado

Congrats to everyone!

Winners, you have 48 Hrs to contact the Sponsors to claim your prize. After those 48hrs, your prize will be forfeited and no new winner will be chosen.


$400 Giveaway!

 I’ve been entered into a contest by Step2 to win $5,000!! I need the most votes on my vid of my daughter playing with her play kitchen by Jan 8th!! SO I’m asking everyone to send as many people as you can to vote for our Vid!!

The Person who send the most voters will win $200 to!

The 2 Runners up with the msot will get $100 to!

PLUS if I win I’ll have a $1000 Cash Giveaway!!! Click Below to find out how to enter!!

$400 Giveaway!

Win a SodaStream, AllyKats Cosmetics, High-End Glassware & More!

Don’t Forget to Stop by my 2011 Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s Jam Packed with wonderful gift ideas and Link Fairy Exclusive Coupons!

PLUS Win a SodaStream, AllyKats Cosmetics for girls, High-end Glassware & More!

Hurry though! Giveaways end on Dec 17th!

Click HERE to Enter!

It’s Here! The 2011 Link Fairy Holiday Gift Guide!

When your kids and family members seem to have everything under the sun, its hard to think of  something else you could possibly give them! Trust me, I know the feeling! Sometimes, looking for that perfect gift during the Holidays can seem down right hopeless!


Look No Further My Friends! The Link Fairy has spread her wings and come to save all of you dreary gift searchers! Come, Follow me to a land of proven happiness and easy decisions! Through trial and tribulation I’ve chosen 10 of my favorite, under the tree worthy products to share with you and show their inner workings!

Be Sure and Read through the picks and look for the DEAL & GIVEAWAY ALERTS! There are Giveaways and Exclusive Link Fairy Only discount codes!


Today’s the Day!!

Welcome to the light at the end of the Gift Searching Tunnel!

This afternoon I’ll be posting my 2011 Holiday Gift Guide!

Come see my top 10 picks for Holiday Gifts, Enter to win some of the products and Grab Link Fairy Exclusive Coupon Codes!

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