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Rock & Roll!

Staying Active By Sitting Still, The Hokki Stool!

No one knows how hard it is for children to sit still more than their parents and teachers! VS  has decided it’s better to join in on the fun then trying to beat it! Thus the Hokki Stool was born! The Hokki Stool, pronounced HOCKEY, like the sport, gets it’s name from the German word HOCKER which literally means “stool”!

The Hokki is an interactive piece of furniture that not only holds your child’s attention but keeps them moving! With a convex, rubber bottom that allows the Hokki to weeble and wobble safely in any direction, kids are guaranteed to WANT to sit down! The Hokki is made from Highly durable polypropylene and is nice and light, letting little arms move it easily around the room. The Hokki also has a soft padded sitting base that allows the user to rock back and forth without the fear of

falling off.  Whether it’s being used for story time, or turned into the moving base of an airplane, the Hokki is sure to spark your child’s imagination through its versatility and originality!


The VS  Hokki is available in 5 different colors, red, blue, green,grey or orange. The Hokki can be used for elementary  aged children on up to adults through its 4 different height ranges, 31 cm, 38 cm and for adults the 46 cm or 51 cm.

I was sent a Red, 38 cm Hokki. It came nicely packaged and with an Information Sheet to let me know the full extent I could use the Hokki for.

The Hokki was ready to go right out of the box which was nice. There was no putting together of any kind. As soon as I got it out of the box, my 2-year-old daughter was certainly intrigued! It was a little tall for her to sit on but she was able to work her little booty onto it and immediately starting rocking in every direction! It scared her a little at first, but after about 2 min she was having a blast! The rubber, convex base makes sure the stool gets a nice grip on the floor while its teetering around. The top of the stool has a felty sort of soft rubber material that grabs the clothing of the user so they don’t fall off while it’s moving.

The Convex Bottom of the Hokki Stool

Since receiving our Hokki Stool, my daughter uses it for everything! From watching movies and TV, to playing pretend and making her dolls sit on the Hokki while she rocks them! I can certainly see how this would be an asset in a class room full of young children and highly recommend them for elementary school classrooms and daycare! I’ve used the Hokki myself many times and it’s very comfortable to sit on. Plus the rocking motion gives easy access to things on the floor and is great for keeping your legs or butt from falling asleep from sitting too long! 🙂 The 38 cm height is nice for both kids and adults since it’s small enough for younger kids to use and large enough for adults to feel like they aren’t sitting on a child’s stool. I would definitely recommend the 38 cm height for families to share!

The Hokki Stool is a wonderful teaching asset and looks great in the room! It gives a nice modern look to everything and still appeals to kids with its funky design. If you are looking for a fun Gift for a Teacher, Day Care Provider, Home Schooled Family or just as a fun chair for around the house, the Hokki Stool by VS is sure to be a hit! A Big Fairy A+!!

If you would like to learn more about the Hokki Stool, Stop by VS’s Website for Photos and Videos of the Hokki in Action!

You can find the Hokki Stool at the following retailers

Worthington Direct


Kaplan Co






The Magic of a Cardboard Imagination!

Easy Playhouse, Cardboard Playhouse for Kids Review and Giveaway!   

What do you get when you leave two Dads in a room with a bunch of cardboard? An amazing, one of a kind, reversible playhouse that not only serves as a fun Craft Activity, but also sparks the imaginations of kids from ages 1-100! Scott Flint got the idea for Easy PlayHouse one day when his kids planed to camp out in a Fridge Box he had helped them turn into a playhouse. After hearing his son mention that every child should have a playhouse as cool as this, Scott began his mission to create something endearing for every child to have! Pairing his talents with Dean Thelen and after many trial and errors, they created the Perfect Playhouse! Made from Eco-Friendly materials and a canvas on every side, the Easy Playhouse is the perfect getaway for kids from TV and Video Games and brings them back to basic fun!

When we received our Playhouse I was surprised at how relatively small the box was. Compared to Build a Dream Playhouses,(another cardboard play structure company) it is MUCH easier to handle since the box was less than half the size.

My Daughter was so excited to see the new playhouse we had to open it immediately!

Opening the Box!

The Playhouse came folded in two halves and with an instruction sheet.  The Instruction sheet has easy to follow pictures with descriptions about how to insert each part of the house into the other.

Instruction Sheet

The two sides have slits on one side and tabs on the other that are meant to interlock and connect the house. I was able to get them all into place except one side which just did not want to cooperate!  It seemed like it had been cut incorrectly or something since when the tabs were in place in the slots it was making the whole house uneven, so we fixed it by taping them along the side which worked just fine!

Side Tabs that we had to fix ourselves 

Once we got it all put together, the Playhouse is Awesome! There are two doors so your child can go in and out through both sides of the house and two windows with little shutters. For Storage, the Easy PlayHouse folds up and can be placed in a closet  for easy pull out play whenever you like! My daughter has so much fun going in and out of the doors and diving through the windows!

With this being an actual house, it makes it easier for kiddos to have their own little world inside! I had done an earlier review on Build a Dream Playhouses  and although they have a wonderful product, they do not offer a playhouse.  After a little while, it was time to go inside, but the playhouse of course was coming with us! With all four sides blank, it allows your child to channel their creativity and design their own Fairy-Tale Playhouse!

My Daughter’s was in the form of a Magical Scribble House! She had sooooo much fun coloring the house and putting stickers on it! Parents can get into the fun too and depending on how many kiddos you have you could assign each kid a side and see how different they turn out! One of these would be Great for Birthday Parties, since the Birthday Boy or Girl would have a great standing memory of everyone who attended their party!

After our wonderful experience with Easy PlayHouse I am very happy to give it a Huge Fairy A+!! I Highly  recommend  Easy PlayHouse for your kiddos and think it would be a great addition to Birthday Parties and even for Classrooms as an end of year or beginning of the year project! Think how different the drawings would look after a year of school!

How would you like to WIN an Easy PlayHouse of your own!?  One Lucky Winner will be able to reveive a PlayHouse of their own thanks to Easy PlayHouse!

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For more info on Easy PlayHouse, Stop by their WEBSITE! They are soon to release a  Castle Version of their Easy Playhouse so stay tuned for that!

Be sure to Like Easy PlayHouse on Facebook for Special Promotions and Fun News!


This Little Piggy Went Wee Wee Wee all the way to the Nail Salon!

Piggy Paint Non-Toxic Nail Polish for Kids! 

Piggy Paint is the creation of Melanie Hurley, a mom of 2 little Princesses who Loved getting dolled up! But when Melanie saw one of her daughter’s accidentally spill their solvent-based polish onto a foam plate, she was horrified to see the polish EATING through the plate! From that day forward she Vowed to find a better solution to “kid-friendly” nail polish, making it safe for little hands and wherever they may go! Thus Piggy Paint was born!

The Proof is on the Plate!

Piggy Paint is an all natural, order-less, water-based polish that is specially formulated of natural ingredients and DOESN’T eat through foam!  Now Moms can finally feel good about what they’re putting on their little one’s fingers and toes without worrying about the nasty drawbacks of traditional polish! Piggy Paint  is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone, and as their slogan puts it, NATURAL AS MUD!  PLUS it’s proudly made in the USA!

I got to test out their Candy Corn Gift Set and Natural Polish Remover on my 2-year-old little girl!

Candy Corn Gift Set with Piggy Paint Polish Remover

The Candy Corn Set comes with 3 polishes, Mac-n-Cheese Please nail polish, Tip of the Iceberg nail polish and Dandelion Dance nail polish.

Dandelion Dance,Tip of the Iceberg and Mac-n-Cheese Please nail polish

The Polish Remover comes in a 4oz bottle and is Order Free, Acetone Free and Eco-Friendly!

My daughter and I had a Blast painting her fingers and toes the different colors! It was sooooo nice to open a bottle of nail polish and not have this toxic smell wreaking havoc on my little one’s nose and mine! The polish went on nice and easy and wasn’t goopy and didn’t glob at all! The colors are fun and perfect for little hands. I tried taking a picture of my daughter and her pretty fingers but she just would NOT sit still so I painted my own fingers to show you how the colors came out.

The Colors look great and this is just with one coat! Piggy Paint also has other Halloween themed gift sets as well as Christmas ones too! You can also purchase the colors separate if you like as well.

After about a week I was surprised to see how well the polish held up against the hard play my daughter does everyday! When we were ready to change the colors we used, the polish remover worked great to get the polish off and didn’t make us want to pass out in the process!

As one mom to another, I’m in love with Piggy Paint. It’s great for kiddos and the environment and the colors are just as fun for moms! The fact that there is no deathly order or toxic fumes coming from their products is a huge plus for me since I don’t think any mom, grandma or aunt wants their little girl exposed to any of that. So Thank You Piggy Paint for setting our minds free of worry! A Big Fairy A+!!

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To see all the wonderful colors and gift sets available from Piggy Paint, Check out their Website HERE!

You can also follow them on Facebook for Fun Tips and Special Offers! Click HERE for their Facebook Page!

In Honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Piggy Paint has put together a Special Power of Pink Gift Set that receives FREE Gift Wrapping all month Long! PLUS, 10% of all sales from the Fight Breast Cancer Gift Sets go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation! To Purchase this Set, Click HERE!


Once Upon a Time, In a Backyard Not Far Away!

Build a Dream Playhouse Castle Review and Giveaway!                      

Build a Dream Playhouse is a company that has taken the cardboard box to a whole new level! Created by a Cleveland Father who decided to turn the visions of fairy-tale castles and race cars that his kids were seeing in a plain old cardboard box, into a tangible, Eco-friendly playhouse! Build a Dream Playhouse is dedicated to sparking children’s imaginations with fun, easy to store cardboard play structures. Each Playhouse comes as a blank canvas, allowing little minds to color and paint their dream home to look just as they see it in their mind! Offering an array of different playhouses such as, a Kitchen, Castle, Snack Shack, Cosmic Cruiser, The Dream Machine and the Imagine Wagon!

The Playhouses offered by Build a Dream Playhouse!

I received the Ever So Enchanted, PopN’Play Castle! The Playhouse arrived in a wonderfully massive box, which was fun for my daughter to try and move around the floor! We immediately opened the Castle and unfolded it with ease!

PopN'Play Castle

The Castle was Huge once it was out of the box! There are windows and Doors that can be crawled through and even a drawbridge! It was nicely detailed with black lines to help guide the coloring or painting process! The Castle was easy to remove from the Box and all I had to do was pull it open for it to Pop to life! Once my daughter saw it we just had to move the fun outside so we could have more room!

Claire had so much fun crawling in and out of the drawbridge doors and peeping at me through the windows! We did find out though that a cardboard playhouse isn’t the best idea when its windy outside since it was easily pushed over.

The Playhouse folds up easily for Safe Storage!

The Playhouse folds up super quick for easy storage! It’s also nice and light so it is easily carried from one room to another or outside. The Playhouse will also fit nicely into a hall closet and takes up little space since it can be compacted so thin.  All in all the PopN’Play Castle from Build a Dream Playhouse is a Great Eco-Friendly way to entice your child’s imagination to think outside the box! Perfect for dress up or birthday parties, and great for parents since it’s easy cleanup! I give Build a Dream Playhouses a Big Fairy A+!!

To see more Playhouses from Build a Dream Playhouse, Check out their Website HERE and become a Fan of their Facebook Page HERE for offers and to stay up to date on the latest imaginative play ideas!

Want a playhouse of your own from Build a Dream Playhouse!!?? CLICK HERE  to enter the Build a Dream Playhouse Giveaway on my Blog  to Win a Playhouse of your Choice!!

The Playhouses offered by Build a Dream Playhouse!


Bringing Originality Home!

Original art work from Rock and Roll Hart and StymiePie Studios!

What do you get when you mix a woman with a free spirit, a huge love for mixing the whimsical with the infamous along with over 20 years of experience as a professional artist?  Rock and Roll Hart and StymiePie Studios! Step into the world of Leslie Mehl, creator of Rock and Roll Hart and you will find Fun and Funky Original art prints, covering everything from your favorite rock legends to your most beloved fairy-tale characters. Each Print is recreated on Lustre Paper and arrives ready to frame or send out as greeting cards!  StymiePie Studios is Leslie’s inner child let loose! Offering wonderful children’s gifts and whimsical art prints, you are sure to find everything you need to deck out your child’s room!

I received a Print from Rock and Roll Hart of Older versions of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The Print arrived safely wrapped in a plastic sleeve and tucked between cardboard to preserve it during its trip through the mail. The Print is awesome! If you are have  a favorite band or rock idol of your own and are looking to forever immortalize them within your home, Leslie and Rock and Roll Hart are the ones to help you do it!

From StymiePie Studios I received a custom growth chart! Leslie was happy work with me and the vision I had in my head and Beautifully brought it to reality!! The Chart came nicely wrapped and protected in cardboard and ready to hang on the wall.  Each detail is hand painted and my kids name shine on the chart! There are even places through out to put photos of them at each milestone! My daughter loves it and this certainly beats making tacks on the door frame!! plus, with us being a military family, the chart is something that can move with us where ever we go!  I can’t describe how much the pictures do NOT do the chart justice, it is gorgeous and will appeal to both my son and daughter with the fun nautical theme with boats and mermaids!

Top of Growth ChartMiddle of Growth Chart

Bottom of Growth Chart

All in all my opinion of both Rock and Roll Hart and StymiePie Studios are BEYOND Fabulous!! Leslie is extremely talented and I’m so happy she has decided to share her love of the arts with the rest of the world, otherwise my kids would not have a beautiful growth chart and I wouldn’t have an awesome Rock Caricature! I HIGHLY recommend StymiePie Studios and Rock and Roll Hart for any and all custom gifts and art!! A Big Fairy A+!!

If you would like to see more of Rock and Roll Hart and Leslie’s fun Rock and Fairy-Tale filled universe Click HERE to go to her Etsy Store!

If you would like to see more of StymiePie Studios and Leslie’s Whimsical World of Wonder, Click HERE to go to her Etsy Store!

You can also follow her BLOG and check out her FACEBOOK to stay up to date on sales and special promotions!


Spa Treatments for Less!

Rejuvenating your skin with MuirBotanicals!

MuirBotanicals is the heart and soul of certified herbalist, Katie Palmer. She Brings together her passion for the amazing healing abilities of plants and nature to create luxurious bath and body products, made from only the finest natural and organic ingredients.  Not only does she create spa worthy products, she also offer personal consultations allowing her to personalize a product perfect for your own skin type or condition.

After asking me a few questions about my own skin, Katie decided the best products for me where her French Clay Face Mask for Oily Skin and her Hand and Body Lotion for Oily Skin.

The French Clay Mask comes in the Dry form with Directions and Ingredients listed on the label. The Clay Mix already smells amazing without adding any water!  The Bottle of Hand and Body Lotion also has a list of ingredients on the label.

Label for French Clay Mask for Oily Skin

Label for Hand and Body Lotion for Oily Skin

Directions for the French Clay Mask say to mix 3 tablespoons of clay with 1 tablespoon hot water. I put my 3 tablespoons of clay into a small glass bowl I had and added the hot water. I found that 1 tablespoon of hot water was not enough to get it to a spreadable consistency so I added another table-spoon and it turned out perfect!

After adding 2 Tablespoons of Hot Water to the French Clay Mask Mix

Dry French Clay Mask Mix

After adding the hot water, I spread the mask over my face. The mask is pretty thick so it helps to use something other than your finger to spread it onto your skin since it kept sticking to my hand. I had a plastic butter spreader (one of the little ones) which I decided to use :-). I think a Popsicle stick would work great too, I just did not have any. I left the mask on for about 15 min and then washed it off with warm water. My face felt AMAZING!! Not only does this mask smell wonderful (which honestly I was a bit surprised since it’s  but it made my skin feel incredibly soft, as if I had just had a facial! Even hours after I had washed the mask from my face, my skin felt amazing!

The next day I decided to use the mask and the lotion together. I had already used the Hand and Body Lotion on my hands and I looooved it! It worked great in conjunction with the mask and my skin was left feeling and looking beautiful all day long!

Hand and Body Lotion for Oily Skin

The Lotion is between thick and light for consistency but once you put it on and rub it in, your skin feels silky smooth! The scent is breathtaking!! I honestly was sniffing my hands all day! Haha.. I absolutely love it. Plus you can smell all the natural and organic ingredients Katie has used to create this wonderful Hand and Body Lotion. Not only do I plan on buying more, but I definitely think I found my mom’s Christmas gift!

Hand and Body Lotion for Oily Skin

All in all my experience with MuirBotanicals was amazing to say the least! Even though Katie is a Certified Herbalist, she certainly knows her stuff and enjoys creating all natural and organic Beauty Products! I highly recommend MuirBotanicals‘ products! A big Fairy A+!!

If you happen to need a product she does not already have, Katie is more than happy to work with you and your skin to create something specific for your body. Katie  also offers Natural and Organic Cleaners and Polishes!

If you would like to see all of wonderful products Katie creates with MuirBotanicals, stop by her Etsy Shop! She is also more than happy to provide consultations through email – and through her Blog! She always has new and interesting posts about how plants and nature can help with everything from ailments to beauty!


Block Party!

Having Fun with Stack Blocks!

One day a fun-loving woman decided she needed a creative outlet from everyday life. Preferring wooden toys over plastic for her nieces and nephews,  she decided to create something that would be educational and everlasting  for children to come! Michelle Swingle created Stack Blocks to spark the minds and imaginations of children while giving parents a long-lasting source for educational fun!  HerEtsy Shop includes Block sets from puzzles and letters to beautifully themed decor sets.

I was sent a beautiful Modern Alice in Wonderland Block Set!

These Blocks are Gorgeous! I received them in a nice drawstring bag that can be used to store them and there were 8 blocks in the set. Each Block is a bit different, including not only pictures but classic quotes from the book. The “modern” look includes both characters from the Lewis Carroll Story Book and the Disney Movie. I really loved the combination of the two, making it appeal to both young and old!

Drawstring Bag the Blocks came in

Not only are these Blocks Beautiful,but every consideration has been made to ensure your child’s safety with them. They are made from chemical free wood and nice and durable, making them perfect for little hands play. Each block is 1.5 inches squared, which makes them large enough to avoid any choking hazard and small enough so they’re easy for little hands to grasp! The images are sealed onto the wooden blocks with a safe, non-toxic sealant and the edges of the blocks are hand sanded for safety.  Your child can have their fun and when they are done, you can display them as a wonderful center piece to any room! I give Stack Blocks a big Fairy A+!

If you would like to see more Block Sets from Stack Blocks, check out her Etsy Shop!

Stack Blocks is also pleased to announce that through the end of the year, 50% of proceeds on ALL purchases will go to Children’s Charities!

All of Michelle’s Stack Blocks are made to order and she also does custom Block Sets, if there is something you would like created, convo her in her Etsy Shop!


Vapamore Primo MR-100 Steam Cleaner

“Primo” , the Italian word for “First”, is the basis of Vapamore’s philosophy. The company prides themselves in producing “The Industry’s Best Steam Cleaners”. The MR-100 Primo is the first steam cleaner of its kind.  They listened to their customers, improved their original design and developed the all new Primo from the ground up.

Vapamore offers two types of Steam Cleaners, the MR-50 Wet-Dry Steam Vacuum, which is a handheld. And the MR-100 Primo, which is their larger steam cleaner. I was able to review the Primo MR-100 in my own home!

Vapamore MR-50 Steam Cleaner Vacuum

Vapamore Primo MR-100 Steam Cleaner

A Vapamore Primo MR-100 will run you about $300. This is a bargain compared to other steam cleaners in its same class, such as the Ladybug which is over $1000!  If you or someone in your home are allergy or asthma sufferers, a steam cleaner is a MUST! It will sanitize and de-bug anything you use it on,breaking down dust, grime, soap scum, grease, and dirt. Not to mention it cleans at 210° – 220° F which kills bacteria, mold, fungus, dust mites and even bed bugs! If you are wanting to get rid of those harmful and toxic kitchen and bathroom cleaners, the Primo allows you to effectively and professionally clean your home while creating a safer environment for your family.

As soon as I received the Steam Cleaner I opened it up! It was very well packaged and come with loads of attachments that not even some of the higher priced machines come with! This included, a measuring Cup for the DISTILLED WATER (which you MUST  use when filling the steam cleaner), the Instruction Manual and a Lifetime Warranty! All of Vapamore’s products include this Lifetime Warranty at no extra charge! In order to redeem the Lifetime Warranty though, you need to be sure to keep a copy of the order receipt and send it in the Warranty card for it to be valid. If something happens to the cleaner, simply pay shipping to and from the manufacturer and they will happily fix the issue. Sometimes it just requires them sending you a part.

Vapamore MR-100 as I Unpack It!

Brushes, Spouts, Cloths and other attachments located inside the storage area of the machine

Primo MR-100 with all its attachments

If you think you may be missing a few items, don’t worry! There is a convenient storage compartment on the machine that contains and stores the brush heads, scrapers, nozzles and cloths for the machine, along with the adapter for using the tools.

When unpacking everything, be sure to unwrap the Blue Cleaning Cloth! Inside you should find the small cotton cover for use on furniture. I looked EVERYWHERE for this little guy! After calling the manufacturer and being called out for NOT watching the tutorial videos on their website, was told that I would find my answer by watching the video. SURE ENOUGH, after watching the intro video on their website I found that the cotton cover was rolled all the way up in the larger blue cleaning cloth. Ironically, this is the most asked question from new buyers!

User Manual, Directions, Lifetime Warranty

The First Parts you will see as you unpack the machine is the main machine body, the floor cleaning head, hose, the extensions for the hose and for attaching the brushes, scrapers etc. and the steam gun, which is attached to the hose. There is also a storage bag.

Measuring cup and funnel included with steam cleaner

The machine also comes with an extra set of O-Rings

Before I got started, I was told by the manufacturer to makes sure I read all the instructions.  They told me a lot of mistakes can be avoided by going through everything so I made sure to do this before turning on the machine. Here is a list of some of the attachments that came with the machine.

  • Mr-100 Steam Cleaner
  • Steam Gun And Hose
  • Detail Adapter
  • Jet Nozzle Tool
  • Detail Scraper Tool
  • Nylon Grout Brush
  • Nylon Medium Duty Brush
  • Large Nylon Brush
  • Brass Metal Brush
  • Fabric Tool Cotton Cover
  • Micro Fiber Floor Pad
  • Floor Cleaning Head
  • Extension Tubes X 3
  • Clothes / Fabric Tool
  • Smooth Surface Squeegee
  • Measuring Cup
  • Fill Funnel
  • Accessory Storage Bag
  • Replacement O-ring Set
The instruction manual was surprisingly easy to understand and the use of pictures helps to guide you along. The machine also came with an inset telling you where to go on their website to check out tutorial videos on how to use the machine and what all it can do.
To begin the start-up process I first had to add the DISTILLED WATER to the machine using the included funnel and measuring cup. I filled the measuring cup up to the 700 ML line and poured it into the top of the machine ( I first removed the cap at the top) I had to do this twice making it equal 1400 ML. You MUST use Distilled Water when filling the Primo MR-100 Steam Cleaner! Using regular tap water will void the warranty.
I then pulled out the power cord. The power cord conveniently retracts under the machine for safe storage. The cord will extend out to 6 ft but shows a yellow tape before being pulled too far and a red tape after being pulled too far. I then turned on the steam cleaner by pressing the power button.  A red light will show under the lightning bolt symbol and it took about 15 min for the steam cleaner to heat up and for the green indicator light to come on under the steam symbol telling me it was ready.

Indicator lights

I then needed to attach the hose by just plugging it into the machine. I attached two of the extensions and the squeegee tool. (since I was planning on sanitizing my counter tops) I needed to let out the excess steam that had built up in the machine during its warm up by turning the steam dial to the middle setting. I must admit it was hard for me to figure out whether or not I had turned the dial to the right spot since there is no line indicating where you have turned it to. The dial does seem to unscrew from the machine the further you turn it, which I suppose lets you know how high you have it set at. Personally, I think an indicator mark or some kind of marking would make this much easier and I wouldn’t have to guess at what setting it was at.

Once I got it to where I thought it needed to be, I had to hold down the trigger on the steam gun until an even flow of steam came out. This happened after about a min or so of holding down the trigger.

The steam evenly coming out from the squeegee attachment with the cotton cover

I ran the squeegee up and down my counter top, wiping as I went with a small dish towel I had, since there was a good amount of water accumulation. The Primo was relatively quite compared to what I thought it was going to be and it was very easy to use! I had no problem handling the machine or getting it to glide across my counter. Afterwards I wiped my counter top down again with the towel and stood back in amazement!

The Primo was able to get grime off my counter that I haven’t been able to in months! ( I know this sounds gross, but i think everyone ends up with those stuck on stains that just wont come up no matter how much 409 you use!)

Plus, since the Primo only weighs about 10 lbs, has wheels, and has the long hose and extensions it was easy to get around the kitchen. Not to mention, with steam coming out at about 210-220° F it is definitely killing anything that would be harmful and living on my surfaces. It took me about 10 min to clean my kitchen, including switching out the squeegee for the jet detail nozzle and blasting the nasties off my kitchen sink! Even though I only used it for about 10 min, the Primo can go for an entire hour of steam cleaning before needing to be turned off and refilled. You must turn the Primo off  and let it cool down to refill. This, I suppose is a slight set back but for all the wonderful features the steam cleaner offers along with portability, not to mention price, I think the machine is worth the 20 min wait to allow it to cool down and refill.

The culprit and her art work 🙂

The next day I was presented with another steam cleaning opportunity! My 23 month old daughter had decided to extend her creative canvas to our front door and walls so I needed to now remove a whole lot of Crayola from our house! I grabbed the Primo, plugged it in and as soon as it heated up, attached the squeegee with the cotton cover. The Crayon came right off! Lucky for me, since my husband would have really let me have it if he had seen it! The Crayon color did come off onto the cotton cover, but that’s an easy fix since it is totally machine washable!

The Primo easily erasing the art of my 23 month old

In about 5 min the scribble was gone and my door and wall were cleaner than ever! Like before, I had to make sure I had a small towel with me to wipe up the access water and to dry off the door  but other than that, it was effortless!

I’m convinced that if you have young kids, a  Vapamore Primo MR-100 is a MUST HAVE!! Besides its easy cleaning abilities, its sanitizing and killing anything that could cause my kids to get sick. You can even use it to kill bed bugs! Just put the cotton cover over the squeegee like I have done here and run it slowly over your mattress! It will ensure you and your family are sleeping and playing in a germ and mite free environment. If you are a pet owner, like we are ( we have a 1.5 year old Black Lab named Captain) it’s the safest way to clean your floors. No chemicals means no harsh toxins on their little paws or getting into their eating or sleeping areas. No more putting them outside for hours on end waiting for it to be safe to have their feet on the floor and no more fumes! Any one with allergies or asthma should also have one of these. It will allow you to make sure the items in your home are free of anything that may cause an attack or spark an arousal of an allergy, especially in the winter months.

As the least expensive steam cleaner in its class, the Vapamore Primo MR-100 certainly stands up against the more expensive steam cleaners with a lot of the same capabilities. The LadyBug 2150 Vapor Steam Cleaner is one of the Primo’s big sisters in the steam cleaning world. Known for their performance and professional cleaning ability, the LadyBug is the Primo’s top contender.  With features like continuous fill (meaning it does not need to be turned off to refill) and finger touch controls it boasts better cleaning ability with its “name brand” . However, with a price tag or $1,049 at it’s cheapest, the LadyBug is not exactly a family friendly appliance.  I know we could definitely never afford to spend that on a steam cleaner or any cleaning appliance for that matter.

The Primo is not only price friendly to consumers of all financial levels, but also in my opinion, outperforms the LadyBug in many ways! Besides it being priced at just $299, and the amount of useful attachments only higher priced steam cleaners come with; the Primo can cut through grease ridden ovens, soap scum filled bath tubs and of course, 23 month old crayon catastrophes! Not to mention the Lifetime Warranty, which the LadyBug does not come with.

All in all I believe this is the best steam cleaner on the market. Vapamore is known for their beyond consumer  friendly customer service and listens to their consumers when creating something meant for them, hence the Primo MR-100. You will be able to jobs for a 1/3 of the cost of the “high-end” steam cleaners and once you get the hang of all the attachments, there is no stopping this machine!  If you are looking to create a safer living environment for you and your family, look no further than the Vapamore Primo MR-100.  A Big Fairy A+!

If you would like more info on the Vapamore Primo MR-100, stop by Vapamore’s Website! They have lots of wonderful video tutorials meant to guide you through every process and are more than willing to answer any questions through their elite customer service.

Drop by their Facebook Page and Blog for Promotions and to keep up to date on the latest from the company!

For Instructional Tutorials on  Vapamore Products, Check out these videos!


Bargain Bakers- Strawberry Cake Mix and Vanilla


Bargain Bakers is the Brain Child of a work at home mom to two little girls.

After her girls received an Easy Bake Oven from their Grandmother, they were eager to bake yummy goodies with their new found toy! But the high prices and so called “wide” selection for refills containing unwanted preservatives and additives was a big turn off for Mom. Thus, Bargain Bakers was born! Offering  homemade, preservative free, mixes for Easy Bake and toaster ovens! She can accommodate those with allergies and non-allergies with her full line of gluten-free mixes, sugar-free mixes, dairy-free mixes, and a wide variety of regular mixes!  All Bargain Baker Baking Mixes come complete with baking instructions, and are each carefully labelled with a full list of ingredients.  Their Packages are vacuum sealed to maintain freshness, without preservatives!

I was sent a few Mixes to try! Two Cake Mixes, Vanilla Frosting, and a Pizza Dough! Each came Vacuum Sealed with lables for both ingredients, instructions and a Best Before Date on the package.  My Daughter and I chose to make the Strawberry Cake with the Vanilla Frosting! We brought out our Easy Bake and warmed it up. The Instructions for the Cake Mix was just to add a few teaspoons of water so that was easy!

Strawberry Cake Mix with Water Added

We then divided the mix into two greased Easy Bake Cake Pans. It was now time to bake them! We let the Oven heat up for 15 min and set the timer for the first cake to the 15 min baking time that was in the instructions. We needed to bake them each separately since only one pan will fit in the oven at a time.

Cake Mix Poured Into Greased Easy Bake Pans

After the 15 min, we used our Easy Bake Push Tool to push the cake to the cooling part of the oven and let it cool for 10 min. We then pushed the other half of the cake into the oven for it to bake for another 15 min while the other one cooled down. Once the first cake was cool, we took it out of the oven and started to make the frosting!

First Cake After Being Baked!


For the Frosting we only needed to add 3/4 teaspoons of water. We stirred it up so it was a good spreading consistency and waited for our other cake to finish baking! Once the final cake was done baking and cooling we were able to see our little confection coming to life! After many frosting finger tests, we placed a little in the middle of the two cakes to keep them together and then added the rest of the frosting to the outside and top of the cake!

Our Cake All Frosted!

We decided to have a little fun and added some Pezz, Sprinkles and  Hershey Kiss!

The Final Product!

Can't Wait To Eat It!

With everything complete in the baking process, it was now time to eat! My daughter enjoyed the first taste test, giving her vote of satisfaction with big MMMMmmmmmm!

I Definitely had to agree with her! The Cake was nice and moist and we loved the Strawberry Flavor!  The frosting was equally yummy, so much so, I was surprised we still had enough to frost the cake between all of  our taste tests!


I think Bargain Bakers is a wonderful idea and certainly more affordable than buying the more expensive Easy Bake Name Brand refills! I Love that she offers  lines of mixes for both kids and adults with options to those with allergies to certain things as well! The No preservatives is also great, since I like knowing what I’m giving my babies is all natural and doesn’t have anything harmful added into it. All in All Claire and I had a great Bargain Bakers Experience and I Highly recommend them for all your mini baking need! A Big Fairy A+!!

If you would like to see all the mixes and products available from Bargain Bakers, Check out their Facebook Page and theirWebsite!


Rebecca’s Whims, Herby Doll

Rebecca’s Whims  is the Creation of Rebecca Fitkin, a stay at home Mother of 4 Young Children. Her Etsy Shop offers Beautifully Hand Made Jewelry, Art and Other Items inspired by her son, Henry, who happens to have Cerebral Palsy.  All the proceeds from Rebecca’s Whims go towards caring for Henry, including his therapy, medical care and equipment.

I was sent an Herby Doll from Rebecca’s Whims. The Herby Doll is a Hand Made Flannel Doll  filled with Flaxseed, Lavender Flowers and Spearmint Essential oils. The Dolls are ment to be either heated or chilled for relieving ailments such as when a child gets a bump, scrape,  sore throat, or even an earache!

When i received my Herby Doll, it was nicely wrapped in a sealed Plastic Bag and came with easy to read instructions as well as a business card and a Cerebral Palsy Awareness Card, informing me about Henry’s Heros.

The Herby Doll in the Packaging

The Herby Doll Once Out of the Packaging

My First impression of the Doll outside of the Packaging was, WOW!! This Doll Smells AWESOME!! And it does! The Lavender Flowers and Spearmint Oils really shine through the doll but not at an over powering rate, which is very nice. The Doll is soft and well stitched, making me feel confident that I won’t have to worry about the little guy coming undone. The Instructions for use were very easy to understand and written on a separate sheet of Paper that came with the Doll.

Herby Doll Instructions

The first test of the Herby Doll  I did, was place it in the Microwave.

Herby Doll Getting Ready to be Zapped! (please excuse my dirty microwave!)

The Instructions were specific about only heating it in 30 Sec increments. I found that only after 20 Sec, the doll was a nice warm temperature and not at all too hot for my 22 month old daughter.  The Herby Doll retained the heat Very well! I was surprised at how long it stayed warm, lasting up to an hour! I’m sure if I had let it go the full 30 Sec it would have lasted longer.  While warm, the soothing Lavender and Spearmint Fragances are very relaxing, especially if you rest the doll behind your head, acting as an aromatherapy pillow! The Doll is nice and soft and the seeds inside did not bother me at all while I had it placed behind my neck. I actually fell asleep while testing it out!

After the Herby Doll had cooled down, I placed in a ziplock bag and placed it in the freezer for it to become cold. The Instructions say, for the Herby Doll to act as a good Freezer Pack, to let it sit in the Freezer for about 4 Hrs. I checked mine at about 3 Hrs and it was already very cold.

Herby Doll in Ziplock Bag after 3.5 Hrs in the Freezer

What was nice about the Flannel Material though, was that i was able to get the nice cold feeling from the chilled insides but not feel like my skin is freezing off. The chilled Herby Doll lasted about 2.5 Hrs before I really started to notice the cold going away. Once I was done with the Doll, I placed it in a Ziplock Bag with the instructions and sucked the air out to make sure he was kept fresh for next time. (This is also recommended in the instructions)

After testing the Herby Doll out, I have to say I think it is a wonderful little product! It’s perfect for soothing those daily bumps and bruises children acquire and great for mom as well as either a soothing or relaxing tool!  The Herby Doll is well made and since he contains all Natural ingredients he is great for the environment.  I give the Herby Doll from Rebecca’s Whims a Big Fairy A+!

**If you happen to be allergic to Lavender or Mint, I do not recommend this product since it contains Lavender Flowers and Essential Oils that could possibly spark a reaction.

If you would like to purchase an Herby Doll or check out the other wonderful products Rebecca offers, stop by her Etsy Shop, Rebecca’s Whims!

For deals and special discounts, follow her on Facebook and Twitter!

Rebecca also has a Blog and Facebook Page dedicated to documenting her son, Henry’s Progress and bringing hope to a community of others who may be going through the same life experiences. To visit her Blog, Check out Henry’s Heros and visit Henry’s Heros on Facebook. Henry welcomes all donations and well wishes others have to offer.


Holsom Heart Designs, Bucket Bag and Upcycled

Shoulder Bag

Holsom Heart Designs is the Heart and Soul of Owner Kathy Hoelzlhammer.  After being a Stay at home to 4 children, now in their 20’s, she has decided to make a living doing what she has for so long loved.  Her shop, Holsom Heart Designs offers Unique, One of  a kind designs in Clothing, Purses and Bags and Art Work done by her eldest Daughter.  With the Products Being made from new and upcycled/repurposed materials. While styles may be the same, no two items are ever exactly the same.

She has many styles of  Purses and Bags that she creates out of upholstery scraps. She sent me two styles of her Bags to review a Bucket Bag and an Upcycled Shoulder Bag.

They both arrived Very nicely packed with a sweet thank you not attached. My first reaction to the bags once I pulled them out of the packing was, WOW! These bags looked like something you would find in an upscale Boutique! I was very impressed with detail and the stitching of the two bags. They each had a hand-made tag attached to them stating which kind of Bag it was, the purpose for the bag, the price, and some other snip-its of info she had included. What I found Very Interesting was that on the back of each tag there was a statement saying that a certain percentage of each sale of the bags is donated to WorldWide Heart to Heart Children’s Village. I thought this was incredibly generous, especially since 50% of the Bucket Bag Purchase went towards the Charity, Which means at $30 a Bucket Bag, she is only making $15.

Bucket Bag

Bucket Bag from the side, showing Heart Embroidery

The Inside of the Bucket Bag was nicely lined and very deep! Great for taking shopping or using as a beach bag or for a picnic, anything where you need to take a good amount of things with you!

Inside the Bucket Bag

To try to show you the size of the bag, i stood a Hand Sanitizer Bottle I had next to it. As you can see the bag is quite tall!

Bucket Bag next to a Sanitizer Pump to show Size Comparison

Each Bag has a Hand Made Tag attached to it, telling you the kind of bag, price and what the bag is intended for, if anything specific.

Front of bucket Bag Tag

The Bucket Bag is intended as a Shopping Companion! Helping you save some money on bagging and help the Earth through recycling by using this bag to shop with instead of a Paper or Plastic option at the check out. Although it has many more uses! Since it’s so nice and tall, it’s great for carrying Books to and from a Class, or taking the kids and all their toys to the park!

Inside of Bucket Bag Tag

Back of Bucket Bag Tag

I decided to test out the durability of the bag and took it shopping with me. I was surprised to see how much it held! I packed about 10 things in the bag, including a cereal box and a few glass jarred items. Since the Bag is nice and Thick from the Upholstery it makes it safe when carrying breakable items like the glass jars.

Bucket Bag with my Groceries in it!

The only thing that I found to be an issue was it seemed that the Straps or Handles, which ever you prefer to call them, were a bit too short. I could easily carry the bag with my hand, but the short handles made it a  hard for me to put on my shoulder, in fact I couldn’t do it at all. The straps would have been great if they were moved up a bit on the bag instead of starting so far down. However, maybe it was not meant to be carried on a shoulder, which would explain the short handles, although it would be convenient if it could be!

The Straps and how high they go

The Other Bag I was given was an Upcycled Shoulder Bag. This one is more functional as purse and is much smaller then the Bucket Bag.

Upcycled Shoulder Bag

This bag has a nice long Strap, great for shoulder wearing or across the shoulder wearing like a Messenger Bag. It has a Button Closure, which i liked since it kept the flap of the purse from coming undone. Personally I am a Zipper person, BUT the button was MUCH harder for my 22 Month Old to figure out how to open so that was NICE! 🙂 She eventually found that she could get in through the sides of the flap but it certainly took her a while! She is a master at zippers now so this tripped her up a bit!

Front of the Upcycled Shoulder Bag

The Inside of the Upcycled Shoulder Bag was beautifully lined with Purple and Gold iridescent Material and has 2 open  pockets on the inside for holding things like a phone or other must haves.

Upcycled Shoulder Bag with the Flap Open

Inside the Upcycled Shoulder Bag

I stood this bag next to the same Hand Sanitizer Bottle to show a size comparison. It is a nice size for a shoulder bag and the inside is very roomy, allowing for lots of items. The Upholstery outside is thick and strong leading me to think it would take a lot to rip this bag or harm any way other than a stain.

Sanitizer Bottle next to the Upcycled Shoulder Bag for Size Comparison

Again the Stitching and overall detail of the bag was very nice and done very well. There were no spots that I saw that would lead me to thinking the stitching, strap or button would fail and come apart or fall off. As with the Bucket Bag, this too had its own Hand Made Tag stating the type of Bag it was, the Price and the intent of the bag, along with how much of the purchase price was donated to the WorldWide Heart to Heart Charity on the back.

Front of Upcycled Shoulder Bag Tag

Inside of the Tag

Back of the Tag

All in all I think Both Bags are well made, and certainly serve a purpose. The Bucket Bag was VERY Handy when shopping for groceries and the Upcycled Shoulder Bag is a beautifully hand crafted purse, sure to turn heads!  The only thing I found I wasn’t too keen on was the shortness of the straps for the Bucket Bag, so for that I must give the Bucket Bag from Holsom Heart Designs a A, instead of an A+. The Upcycled Shoulder Bag, however receives an A+ for functionality, appeal, and overall ease of use of the bag!

I’d like to thank Holsom Heart Designs for allowing me to test out and review their beautiful bags!

If you would like to see more wonderfully Hand Crafted Products from Holsom Heart Designs, Check out their Website HERE! for easy ordering.

You can also follow Kathy of Holsom Heart Designs and her Creations on Facebook for Special Discounts and Announcements! Click Here for her Facebook Page!  She is currently holding a Christmas in July Sale with a 25% discount on EVERYTHING! Use code JULY25 at check out on her website.


Pink Spa, Aquatico Salt Scrub

Pink Spa is a Company created by everyday women offering Bath and Body Products through Consultants around the country. Regina Bell, Pink Spa Rep was kind enough to allow me to try one of their revered products, the Aquatico Salt Scrub!

When I received the package it was nicely wrapped in a Pink Spa Bag, covered in Pink Tissue paper.

pink spa wrapped

How I received my Pink Spa Products

I opened the bag to find the Aquatico Salt Scrub along with a sample of one of their Body Lotions. Of course the first thing i did was open the Scrub and the lotion to see what they smelled like. The Aquatico Salt Scrub, smelled AMAZING!!! It has this suuuuper clean scent to it that kind of resembles curve for men mixed with a more womanly clean undertone. I absolutely LOVE it! So that right there was major Fairy Points! 🙂 The Sample Lotion also smelled very nice. It was a scent called Pink Love which kind of resembled Victoria’s Secret Love Spell.

pink spa scrub

The Pink Spa Aquatico Salt Scrub and the Lotion Sample I received.

The Salt Scrub comes in a 4 oz  clear, plastic square container with a thick round twist top. The Ingredients are listed on the lid along with the name of the product. The Sample Lotion came in a 1 oz plastic bottle with the scent name, Pink Love printed on the label so I could know which one I was trying. When I opened the Aquatico Salt Scrub it was well protected with a protection seal keeping the Scrub fresh and the scent intact.

The Protection Seal on the Aquatico Salt Scrub

After opening the seal and looking at the Scrub itself, it seemed a bit separated and watery on top and looked a bit dried out in other spots. I swirled it around with my finger which brought it back to the consistency it should have. The scent is amazing, I truly love it. And I couldn’t wait to try it out in the shower!! So guess what I did! 🙂

After Opening the Aquatico Salt Scrub

Since the Aquatico Salt Scrub is in a twist off top container, having wet hands in the shower makes it a little hard to keep a hold of, so I would recommend taking the top off before getting wet and placing it somewhere it can’t get wet since you don’t want it getting drowned with water.  I took a good scoop of the Scrub and rubbed on my skin and it definitely made me feel like I was getting good exfoliation but wasn’t scrapping my skin off. You can immediately smell the scent throughout the bathroom which I loved.  The Scrub rinsed off easily, however in the shower, my skin sort of felt like the scrub had left a residue on my skin which I was a bit weary of.  After drying myself off, the residue feeling seemed to go away and my skin was left feeling very soft and smooth along with smelling great! My skin still smelled wonderful the next morning when i woke up, about 10 hrs after taking my shower!! All in all i have to say that the Aquatico Salt Scrub from Pink Spa is a great product and I encourage everyone to try it!!  Because of the slight residue feeling in the shower however, I give this product a A instead of an A+… still a great rating!

If you would like to try any Pink Spa Products, would like any samples, or have questions about Pink Spa Products or becoming a Pink Spa Rep, contact Regina Bell, Pink Spa Rep through her Facebook Page – Pink Spa By Gina

Her website-

Or email her directly at –


Absewlutely Adorable Custom Wipes Case

Absewlutely Adorable is a Boutique Shop Specializing in Handmade and Personalized Baby and Children Items. I was sent one of their Personalized Wipes Cases to review and can happily report that I Absewlutely love it!  They custom embroidered my son’s name, William, onto the top of the case and the Material used on the case seems to be of high quality, with a soft feel to it.  The fabric is firmly attached to the Wipes Case so I don’t feel worried that it may come off. It seems that there must be a few layers of the material or a lining was put between the plastic case and the fabric which gives it a more durable feel.

Custom Embroidered Wipes Case From Absewlutely Adorable

The Back of the Wipes Case

Ribbon Lining on the Side of the Wipes Case

The sides of the Wipes Case we nicely lined with a matching blue satin ribbon giving it a nice uniformed look while also hiding the white plastic of the case underneath.

The Wipes Case when opened.

When I opened the Wipes Case for the first time I noticed it came with some wipes already added, which was a pleasant surprise I must say!

The type of wipes case used is a travel case from Huggies.  Without the fabric on it, the case has a pull tab opening that allows you to pull a wipe threw it. Since the fabric is covering that opening, the case must be opened completely to remove a wipe. Although this isn’t a big problem, it does make it a little hard sometimes to remove a wipe with one hand  while there may be other wipes sticking to it underneath, all while your holding up 2 little baby legs and changing a diaper.

Other than that, I could not find one thing to complain about with this baby product. It certainly has come in handy and is nice that it fits in such small places. I’ve even thrown a diaper in a ziplock and placed it inside as a make-shift changing kit so I wouldn’t have to lug around my ginormous diaper bag! 🙂 I get comments on it everyday and it is, in my opinion, a perfect baby gift! I give the Absewlutely Adorable Custom Wipes Case a Big Fairy A+!

If you would like to purchase your own Custom Wipes Case or see the other wonderful Baby and Children’s Products from Absewlutely Adorable, you can do so on their FaceBook Page –

Absewlutely Adorable is also a Featured Shop on Link Fairy for the month of June! Stop by the Featured Shop section of my blog or check out their Featured Shop Album in my photos on Facebook to see more of their great products! –


ViSalus Sciences Vi-Shape, Nutritional Shake Mix

ViSalus Sciences is a company that offers  Health and Wellness Products. They Pride themselves in being committed to offering the highest quality, cutting-edge health and wellness products, delivered with the assurance to uphold maximum safety and quality standards.  They offer products to enhance your work out, help with weight management and just general wellness.

I was given a box of their Vi-Shape, Nutritional Shake Mix to review by Brisa Lumbreras, ViSalus Independent Consultant. The Vi-Shape Nutritional Shakes are part of the Weight Management Product Line from ViSalus Sciences. The shakes are supposed to work as either a meal replacement or metabolism booster while suppressing your appetite. The Shakes are also Gluten and Lactose Free, making them able to be used by a much larger market.

When my package arrived it was well packed and came in a box containing 15 drink mix packets in the Sweet Cream Flavor.

ViSalus Sciences, Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix in Sweet Cream Flavor. The Box comes with 15 Shake Packets

Side View of the Vi-Shape Box

Back View of the Vi-Shape Box

Side View of the Vi-Shape Box

There are a few different directions for mixing the shake. One serving suggestion is  to mix the Shake Mix with 8-12 oz of Non-fat Milk or Soy Milk for a meal replacement. The package also suggests mixing in your favorite fruit, powdered coffee cocoa or ice to thicken the drink. Another Serving suggestion is to mix the Shake Mix with 8-12 oz of water for a snack, acting as a metabolism booster. They also say they can be used for children under 12. For this you need to mix 1/2 the shake packet with 4-8 oz of Non-fat Milk or Soy Milk. This, however, is not recommended for children under 4.

Back of Vi-Shape Shake Packet. Mixing Directions

I Mixed the drink first with water to see how that would taste. I used a Blender Bottle I have to mix the shake. This is a bottle that has a metal wire whisk ball in it to help dissolve and mix up it’s contents. I must say that after opening the packet, the shake powder smelled like cupcakes. 🙂  After adding the mix to the water, I found that the powder dissolved pretty well, but after shaking for a good minute or two I still had a good amount of little powder chunks in the water.

The Vi-Shape Shake Mix after being blended in the blender cup I have. The mix here is made with water.

I tried the water shake mixture and was pleasantly surprised!  I’ve had my share of meal replacement shakes and such and normally they tend to fall flat of their taste description, tasting dull, fake and chalky. This was not that at all! To my surprise, I quite enjoyed it! The Sweet Cream Flavor tasted like a mix between vanilla cupcakes and vanilla ice cream!  I also tried it with the Non-fat Milk as suggested and it was even better!  Lastly I tried it in the blender with some ice and milk. This was my favorite  combination since it mostly resembled a milk shake. It definitely would have been good with some fruit mixed into it, which I didn’t have at the time.

I was not able to try the shake out with my daughter since she is under the 4-year-old mark and it’s not suitable for children under 4.  I was also not able to test these shakes over a long period of time to see if they help at all in achieving weight loss; however after drinking one shake, my appetite was suppressed for a good 3-4 hours. All in all I give the taste and versatility of the Vi-Shape Shake Mix a Big Fairy A!

If you would like to purchase the ViSalus Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix or other ViSalus Products, or just have questions, you can contact Brisa Lumbreras, Independent ViSalus Consultant by going here, to her FaceBook Page!  ViSalus Hot Body-


Scentsy Full-Size Warmer and Plug-In Review

For those of you who don’t know what Scentsy is, Scentsy is a  popular, up and coming Wick-less Candle company. They offer flame-less “candles” that are supposed to be a better alternative to flame driven candles. They are supposed to last longer and be a safer option for families with children and pets since there is no fire involved and the wax won’t heat up to an un-safe temperature.  Well I decided to put it to the test! Here is my opinion on one of their Full-Size Warmers and Plug in Warmers.

When I received the package, the Scentsy Consultant had sent me a large warmer, a plug-in warmer, a grab tab for the plug-in, two samples of two different scents and a bar of Luna.

My Scentsy Package

The warmer is ceramic and the top dish comes off  for easy removal of the wax. The Directions are easy enough, pop out a chunk of the bar in whatever scent you are wanting to use and place it in the dish. Plug in the warmer and switch it on!

Large Scentsy Warmer with Chunk of Flutter in the top

After plugging in the warmer, it took about 15 min. before the wax was melted, however within about 5 min I was already smelling the scent throughout the first floor of my home. I really like this one! It’s one of the samples I was given and it’s called Flutter. It has a soft sugar scent to it with hints of fruit. It totally smells like a pink Starburst in my house! I love it! 🙂

After about 20 min I could smell the Scent through out my two-story home and even down the basement steps! It’s not overwhelming at all and I like that also. The scent is present but it’s not choking me out. 🙂

The Flutter Chunk Melting

About 10 min after turning off the warmer, I was able to remove the wax by just letting it harden a bit till it was pliable and then I could peel it out with my fingers and not get the wax anywhere. I was also told by my Scentsy Consultant that if the wax still had a good amount of scent to it and i wanted to re-use it, I could just pour the liquid wax back into the plastic pack and it would reshape into the chunk form for me to use later. I used one of the sample chunks she sent me though so i wasn’t able to do that with this one. She also informed me that one Scentsy Bar has over 80 hrs of scent which is more than one large Yankee Candle which has about 60!

Peeling the wax out after about 10 min

The wax after peeling it out


The next day I  decided to try out the Plug-in Warmer.  it came in three parts, the ceramic warmer piece, the electric plug-in part, and the light bulb.  It was very easy to put together. Just screw in the light bulb and the ceramic warmer part just twists right on. It seemed nice and sturdy so i wasn’t worried about it being knocked on accident and wax coming out and also has an easy on/off toggle switch.

Scentsy Plug-In Warmer Parts

I Plugged it into a socket in my bathroom and put it to work! I used the other sample chunk of Havana Cabana that I was given for this warmer.

The Plug-in working in my bathroom

The Plug-in gives off a nice glow of soft light, which would be perfect for a little sweet-smelling night-light in a child’s room. I also like that they would work well as something to keep on at night so you’re not totally in the dark for those night-time bathroom runs!  Again, the wax started melting in about 15 min but I was able to smell the scent within 5. It was even filling my living room with the scent! After 20 min it was completely melted.

To remove the wax from the Plug-Ins, Scentsy offers Grab Tabs to help get it out. I was also given one of these to try. The Grab tab came attached to its instructions, telling me to punch it out, lightly bend the two ends so that they will rest on the sides of the plug-in and place it in the wax before just as I turn off the plug-in.

The Grab Tab Sample I was given
The Grab tab with the instructions before I punched it out.. sorry if it’s hard to see a little
The Grab Tab after punching it out

The Grab Tab after being placed in the liquid wax
The instructions for the Grab Tab said to allow the wax to harden for a bit and then pull the tab out by the sides sticking out of the dish. So i waited about 25 min…

The Grab Tab after pulling it out of the warmer

I Pulled out the Grab Tab and this is what happened.  Perhaps The wax needed to be a bit harder, but I didn’t think it would come out at all if I waited any longer. Obviously, I don’t think the Grab Tabs work very well.. hehe.. But they are a great idea that just needs to be improved upon a bit. I think one problem is that the round, bottom part of the Grab Tab is smaller than the base part of the warmer where the wax is. Maybe if this covered more area it would lift out more of the wax.  I was able to get the wax out by letting it get to the pliable stage and peeling it out with my hands, like I did with the Large Warmer.

All in all I think Scentsy is a wonderful product! Having little ones, I really like that it doesn’t involve fire and that the wax is safe enough for any Oopsies that may happen. I think the Plug-In’s are great for the bathroom and even small rooms as both a little light and a way to scent your space.  I also like that it is significantly cheaper than going to a store such as Yankee Candle. The biggest expense you have is the warmer, which is a one time buy. The Bars are only $5 and they also offer Bricks which is a much larger version of a bar for $18. The warmers and plug-ins come in an array of themes and designs, including ones that you can decorate yourself with purchasable vinyl decals. Scentsy also offers Room Sprays, Scent Circles, (which are like a car air freshener) Travel Tins, Fragrance Foam, Scentsy Buddies ( a super cute stuffed animal) and Scent Paks!

If you would like to order anything or have any questions, Contact Laura Burke, Star Consultant on her webpage- and her Facebook-


zCush Infant Support Mat Review

Welcome to my first Official product review! The zCush Infant Support Mat!  The zCush Infant Support Mat is made to provide support and comfort for your infant while allowing other’s the ability to hold, feed or just enjoy your baby while giving you the added security of knowing they are just as safe as being in your own arms. I tried out the Mat for a week and here is my personal experience with the product!

My zCush arrived at my door in an oblong box and was nicely packaged to avoid anything happening to the product. Once I opened the box, the Mat was in a plastic, zippered bag, which also would come in handy for transporting your mat since it also has straps on the bag for carrying

zcush package

zCush Packaging Front

zCush Back of Packaging

Once I opened the package, the zCush was easy to remove and there was nothing to put together since the cover was already on the product.  They have many covers to choose from, I was sent the Blue one with the bear on which is very cute! And since my Product Tester is my 2 month old son, it was perfect!

The First thing I notices once I removed the zcush from the packaging was how soft it was. I was honestly surprised. From the description of an “Infant Support Mat” i was thinking something with a hard surface for them to lay on, but the zcush wasn’t like that at all. It was more like somewhere between a thin pillow and a mattress. You can feel that there is material in the there to make it soft but to also allow for support, so I was glad to see that my son wouldn’t be laying on something hard and uncomfortable.

I laid the zCush on my couch and got ready for it’s first test run! I noticed there was a pouch like spot for the baby, which was nice since it seemed to kind of double as a blanket. There are 2 zippers, one on the right side and one on the bottom of the mat to allow you to zip your baby into the mat with out having to shove them in it which is nice!

zCush Infant Support Mat

How the Pouch part opens with the zipper on the Right side

Next step was to place my little one in the zCush!

Will in his zCush!

I must say that with the small zippers I was afraid of them getting caught easily but that didn’t happen at all. It was very easy to zip up around him and there was more then enough room for him to move around and kick his little legs.  I felt very safe having him next to me on the couch in the zcush and he seemed to be very content lying in it!

My 20 month old daughter was now, of course, very interested in this new item and kept trying to pull it towards the end of the couch where she was sitting with her brother in it. So, instead, I had her hold her little brother while using the zCush to help her hold him.

Claire Holding Will in the zCush

She loved being able to hold Will and I was totally confident that he would be alright. I was able to rest him in the zCush on her lap and he was perfectly supported and had a happy Big Sister. This is definitely a great product for allowing other to hold your child if your worried about them doing it incorrectly.  Will was able to stay flat and comfortable and Claire was able to hold her brother with out any direction or me worrying about him getting the right head support.

Over the course of the week we used this everyday for multiple hours.  From just hanging out on the couch, to feeding, to tummy time and letting Claire hold her little brother.

Feeding was alright, I found it a little hard to hold him in the zcush and bottle feed him at the same time since there is so much extra room in the pouch area he was sliding down into one side while I was holding him. Breast feeding I’m assuming would not be easy either, although I don’t think you would need to use this to help with breast feeding.  With the bottle, it worked fine if I was holding him flat on my lap but couldn’t hold him crooked in my arms with out the sliding affect happening.

As for sleeping, He absolutely loved it! It does seem like a very comfortable little make shift bed.  I wouldn’t mind bring this instead of a pack and play to the in-laws for naps, since its  small and portable and keeps him in one place.

Will Asleep in the zCush

We also used the zCush for Tummy Time and this worked well also.  The Cover is fully removable and washable as well. Which is nice considering all the spit ups and pee pee accidents I’m sure will come. All in all I think this is a wonderful, worth-while product! I was very pleased with the way it performed during my everyday use of it and through my daughter playing with it with her baby doll as well. 🙂 I give the zCush a Big Fairy A+!

If you would like to order a zCush Infant Support Mat, you can do so on  their website,


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